Services by Balti Laomeister OÜ

Installation of storage racks

Our installation is quick. Unlike many other service providers, we assemble storage racks partially already in our own warehouse. This way the installation on the site takes significantly less time. This allows the customer to save on resources otherwise spent for the relocation of goods and to avoid expenses caused by any delays. Our aim is to work with the customer and to find a solution where their warehouse could be fitted out without interrupting or halting their everyday processes.

Repairs and maintenance of storage racks

The warehouse of Balti Laomeister holds a couple hundred articles – so that the customer’s problems could be solved as quickly as possible. We will assure the availability of spare parts for storage racks installed by us and their trouble-free repair. Our product range only includes products in long-term production. This way we can always be sure that our storage rack maintenance is on-point.

Warehouse relocation

Balti Laomeister will assist you with relocating your warehouse. If you’re in the process of relocating and want to take your old storage racks with you, be sure to contact us. We will help you with planning and organising the move. We will disassemble the old storage racks, transport them to the new location and reassemble. We’ll help you at every stage of your move.

Disposal of storage racks

If your old storage racks have had their day and you wish to dispose of them, Balti Laomeister will lend a helping hand. We will disassemble your old storage racks, organise their transportation and offer you an opportunity to order new warehouse fittings. Leave the disposal of your old storage racks to us!

Warehouse-related consultation

Having trouble with planning your warehouse layout? Or you’re worried about the repairs of your storage racks? Invite us to your warehouse, we will assess the situation and find the best solution for your warehouse. After the consultation, we will make drawings and find the best layout, repair or maintenance solution in cooperation with you and your specialists. This is how the best solutions are created.

Preassembly of storage racks

Thanks to our excessive experience we are aware that the biggest time saving during installation is achieved through preassembly. This is why we partially preassemble the storage racks in our own warehouse. Afterwards, the partially reassembled storage racks will be transported on the site for full assembly. This way our operations are efficient and fast!